About Us

Our company is involved with the topic of hairstyle simulation and consultation since the year 1985. In the very beginnings still without a computer, we were always committed to the idea of giving the hair dresser and the client a preview of how the new style could look.

History - from Polaroid to Android

  • 1985 - First simulation system called Frisurentestprogramm
  • 1986 - video extension
  • 1987 - First computer system (Amiga) with black/white scanner
  • 1991 - First version for Microsoft Windows (Windows 3.0) with truecolor (24bit) video grabbing called SuperStyle
  • 1998 - SuperStyle V3 for Windows 95/98
  • 2000 - Hairstyle book with spiral binding
  • 2005 - Hair Concept can perform hairstyle simulation in three perspectives
  • 2007 - SuperStyle V4 simplifies the adjustment of hairstyles with an automatic face recognition module
  • 2008 - Hairstyle Cube - a web-based Java applet
  • 2008 - eLearning Software Gestaltungsfibel Kunst & Frisur
  • 2009 - Hair Concept - Qt-based application for all actual versions of Microsoft Windows
  • 2013 - Hair Zapp is a consumer app for Apple iOS
  • 2014 - Hair Concept for Android tablets
  • 2015 - Hair Concept 3D can perform hairstyle simulation in 3 perspectives

Our Idea

The founder and director of Style Concept SC KG, Jürgen Demetz, holds a diploma in design. Schon in seinem Studium war das Anfertigen von Plänen und Skizzen ein zentraler Bestandteil eines jeden Projektes. He noticed that this kind of planning is not taking place in hair dressers business and is just replaced by a short verbal discussion. During this, eventually the client's hair is held into position in front of a mirror. Neither the hair dresser nor the client has the possibility to show visually what they mean or like. They can only describe their imagination verbally - misunderstandings not eliminated. This is the point where hairstyle simulation enters the game. It makes exactly this possible - to see how an other haircut could look. Driven by this idea, to support the consultation dialog, we develop since 30 years ever better, more realistic and easier hairstyle simulation solutions. They shorten the decision process of the client and enlarge the dressing freedom of the stylist.